Monday, September 10, 2012

Stylenomics by Essie!

I love wearing deep, luxurious nail colors in the fall and winter months, so when I saw the darker, bolder colors from Essie's new collection, Stylenomics, I absolutely fell in love!  Though there are six different colors offered in this collection, which you should definitely go check out, I decided that I'd share my favorites!

The first color I'm loving is this beautiful, dark green color which gives this collection its name, Stylenomics. I only have one other green nail color, and it's a very light, pastel green, so this would be a welcome addition to my collection!  This particular color reminds me of an evergreen tree - the only trees that remain green during the cold seasons where I live!  Certainly a lovely reminder of life!

Then, there's Skirting the Issue, which is the lovely, burgundy wine color pictured in the center.  I love reds and violets - which you may have already realized! - and while I already own It's Genius, I'm very tempted to get this color, because it doesn't appear to have the glitter in it that It's Genius does.  While I like a little glitter in the fall, I prefer solid colors in the winter!

Finally, I love this brick red color, called Recessionista, which I think is one of the cleverest names in this collection!  I think it's really pointing out that you can still be a glamour girl without spending a lot of money.  If I didn't have so many beautiful red nail colors, this would already be in my collection!

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