Saturday, September 8, 2012

Speed Curling!

Even though I am typically a morning person, and have been for the majority of my life, there are still some mornings that I'm running late!  On those particular days, I still want my hair to look nice, so I employ my speed curling methods.  While none of them are likely revolutionary, I find that they definitely help me on those rushed mornings, and perhaps they'll help you, as well!
  1. Wear your hair in a braid the night before.  I've started doing this just to keep my hair from getting tangled up when I sleep.  I never had a problem with tangling until we got a certain little kitten (>cough< Cricket! >cough<), but it also gives you some nice waves to work with in the morning!
  2. Don't forget to heat protect!  I've sometimes forgotten to apply heat protectant to my hair before I start curling, and I immediately kick myself - not literally, but I am quite disappointed in myself.  I've been trying so hard to keep my hair soft, and forgetting this crucial little step can be very damaging to your hair!
  3. Since you braided your hair last night, and now have some nice waves already in your hair, you can either call it good just like that, or you can pick bits and pieces from the top layers of your hair to curl, then blend the wavy sections with the curls, so that it looks like you've curled all your hair!
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