Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome Home, Cricket!

I really, truly thought I could get this video up earlier than I did, but having just started a night job, I really messed up my sleep schedule, which is why this is going up so late!  In my last post, Born to be Wild!, I say something about how I had to do a leopard print manicure when I knew we were going to go pick up Cricket.  I realize that this may have been confusing to most of you, but I hope to clear up any lingering confusion right now.

Cricket is the 11-week-old Bengal kitten that Cornelius and I adopted on Saturday!  He is absolutely adorable, and has been a welcome addition to our little family!  He is definitely a playful little guy, which you will see in the video, but has been very patient with his tired mom and dad!  Since Cornelius works during the day, Cricket sleeps cuddled up in bed with him at night, and then when I get home in the morning, he gets to play for a little while, and then it's time for mom's nap!  Cricket is so sweet, though, and will curl up next to me, and sleep, too, even if he wants to play!  In this video, you get to see some video of Cricket, and I hope you find him just as adorable as I do!

Do you have a pet?  What are they and what is their name?

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