Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Super Secret Stay-Awake Tip!

This maybe isn't as big a secret as I'd like to think, but it's something that I discovered while I was a freshman in college, and I love telling people about it!  So, let's start from the beginning: at my school, we had an interim term, where you took one class for an entire month.  Being the intelligent one that I am, I decided to take one of the hardest classes I could at the time, which was a big mistake.  A lot of my friends had taken easier classes, and were able to hang out and just have fun more than I could.

Well, I decided that I could have just as much fun as my friends, and still get all my work done.  I would not recommend doing this, but if I hadn't done that, and completely exhausted myself just about every day, I wouldn't have figured out this little trick!  While a lot of people will splash cold water on their face to wake up, I figured out that if you just dabbed a little bit of cold water onto your tear ducts, it had the same effect, and wouldn't mess up your makeup!  

What's even more useful, however, is that if you simply apply a little bit of pressure to your tear ducts, it also wakes you up a little!  This method is not quite as effective as the water method, but it is a quick pick me up for when you're stuck in an important lecture, or you don't have access to cold water!

Do you have any tips on how to stay awake?

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  1. Great post.
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  2. Great idea! I'll try this the next time I'm attempting an all nighter or trying to stay awake during lecture!
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