Friday, August 10, 2012

Scent of the Day: DKNY Golden Delicious!

Today, I am wearing one of my favorite nighttime scents, DKNY Golden Delicious!  It's a very sensual scent, combining florals with woodsy scents.  There are notes of orange flower water, mirabelle, white rose, casablanca lily, vanilla orchid, muguet, musk, sandalwood, teakwood, and of course, golden delicious apple. It's not an incredibly exotic fragrance, like Roberto Cavalli, but it's still beautiful, and reminds me more of something I would wear on a night in the cities with some girlfriends than necessarily out on a date.  Though, I would definitely wear it out on a date, as well!

The packaging is also beautiful!  I must just be a sucker for anything gold, but I love the gold packaging of Golden Delicious much more than the green of Be Delicious.  Still, regardless of the color, I love that the perfume bottle is in the shape of an apple!  I think it's such a clever idea, and really quite different than the square, or skinny bottles I'm used to seeing!

What's your scent of the day?

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