Friday, August 10, 2012

Purple Haze Makeup Tutorial!

Today, I get to share my first makeup tutorial with you guys!  The lighting is a little weird throughout the video, making my face look much darker than my neck, and Cricket decided that he wanted to test out his voice toward the end of the video, but that's okay!  I'm still figuring everything out, and while I do, I'm just enjoying the process!  I'm really enjoying making videos for you guys, and if you have any suggestions for other videos, I would love to hear them!  I must admit that with everything I have to/want to do in a day, I haven't had a lot of time to think of new videos, so I definitely need your help!  I hope you enjoy the video I have for you today, though!

How do you like to do your makeup?


  1. I love this makeup look and your cat is so CUTE!! I like to do more brown-toned neutrals when I do my makeup because I think that it suits my skintone.

    It would mean alot if you checked out my blog. I'm a new blogger and I would love your input.

    Thanks. Xx :)

  2. Hi I love your videos! I subbed :)
    Very nice look!
    You even look great without make-up!

  3. I nominated your blog for a Versatile Blogger Award!!
    xo elle