Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My New Toy: Nikon D3200!

My mind has been so scattered today, because I have a ton of stuff to get done before this weekend, I have a fun announcement also coming up this weekend (if you follow me on Twitter, you already know this, if you don't, you should @annabelpierce!), and I got my new favorite toy today!  It is a Nikon D3200 as the title of this post has already told you, and it is the coolest thing ever.  I've been using Cornelius' Nikon D3000 for a while, and I love that one, too, but mine takes video, where his does not!

Now, before anyone says anything about my makeup buying ban, I would like to explain that part of why I decided to limit my spending was in order to get this camera.  I've been wanting it for quite a while, now, and realized that I needed to change my spending habits in order to afford it.

Also, I do plant to start filming YouTube videos, which should be really fun!  I'm looking forward to actually interacting with you guys, rather than just writing to you.  Also, it should be a bit more entertaining than just reading about what I'm interested in, and what I'm wearing, etc.  Soon, you'll be able to actually see it for yourself!  I'm really excited about this little gadget, so I think I'm going to go play with it a little more! 

Do you make videos?  Do you have any advice?

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