Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Maxi Dresses!

A couple days ago, after work, Cornelius and I went out for dinner, and I slipped on one of my maxi dresses.  I haven't worn a maxi dress for quite a while, and forgot how much I liked them!  They are not only incredibly pretty, they are also so comfortable!  So, I decided to share some of my favorite picks from Forever21 with you today!

I love how this first one shows off your shoulders, while still maintaining some modesty by having the sleeves hang down a bit further.  The color is also beautiful, and I love the sheer bottom portion of the skirt!  It's a very fun, boho look that is perfect for the end of the summer!

This middle dress has a gorgeous, tribal print, and would be perfect for a day out shopping!  I love tribal prints for the summer, so this one definitely fits the bill!

Finally, this last dress reminds me of a Greek goddess with its light, slate grey-blue, and the top layering.  This would be perfect for a date night dress, especially paired with some gold accessories!  Can't you just see yourself walking down the beach with the perfect guy in something like this?

Which of these dresses is your favorite?

Images are from herehere, and here.

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