Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suede Wraparound Bracelet

I went out to dinner with my family recently, and my mom had a beautiful wraparound bracelet that appeared to be made out of a t-shirt, with little silver beads randomly strung onto it.  I loved it, so when I happened to be wandering through my local craft store, and found some cheap suede cord, chain, and a fun little charm, I decided that I wanted to make my own little bracelet.

Since this is a wraparound bracelet, you can pretty much wear it however you want, whether it be on your wrist, ankle, or even as a necklace!  You just have to wrap it around whatever your desired body part is, and then I usually tie it once, like the beginning of a shoe bowtie, and then weave the ends through the rest of the bracelet.


  • A fun charm of your choice
  • 8 ft suede cord in the color of your choice
  • Chain that matches your charm
  • A small amount of wire in any easily bendable guage
  • Wire cutters
  • Needlenose pliers
  • Tape


  • Fold the suede cord in half, and cut the chain to one half the size of the suede (about 4 ft), and tape the ends together on a flat surface.
  • Braid the suede cord and chain together loosely, so that the charm you have chosen can still slip on to one of the ends.  If the loop on your charm is only big enough to go over one cord, just braid until you get to about the center, and slip your charm onto one of the cords.  Then, continue braiding.
  • Tie the braid off by tightly wrapping a small amount of wire around the end of the bracelet, and cut the ends so they are the same size.  If you have not attached your charm yet, do so now, and then tie off the opposite end.
  • That's it!  Your bracelet is complete in 3 easy steps!

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