Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bubblegum Pink Taylor Swift Toes

butter LONDON - Bubblegum Pink Nail Polish – Teddy GirlI've done the unthinkable.  I purchased a non-Essie nail polish!  I ordered a few things from Sephora last week, including this Butter London color in Teddy Girl, and they've finally arrived!  So, naturally, I had to try just about everything out immediately.

I was especially excited about the nail polish, and had kept my nails free of color, waiting for the package to arrive, so I could try it out right away.  But, when the moment finally came for me to play with this new color, I was not interested in painting my fingernails.

Luckily, I had recently watched Taylor Swift's music video for Our Song (which I've included below), and was reminded of how adorable her bright blue with white polka dot toes were.  I decided that was what needed to be on my nails, but instead of using bright blue, I went with my pretty new bubblegum pink.  I absolutely adore the way they turned out, but as I feel my feet are not the cutest things in the world, I will let your imagination picture them instead.

I think these would also be fun in a bright purple, so I may have to keep my eyes open for a polish like that as well!

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