Thursday, May 3, 2012

L'Oreal True Match Blush

After losing the only blush I had (MAC's Well Dressed - which, as a side note, I didn't particularly care for) about two weeks ago, I finally broke down and got a new one.  Well, I got two new ones.  After wandering around the drugstore for what felt like ages, I finally decided to try out L'Oreal's True Match blush in Rosy Outlook and Innocent Flush.

Rosy Outlook is the kind of blush that I usually go for - a nice, dusty pink that you'd picture someone who was out frolicking in a field of wildflowers to be wearing along with a beautiful sundress.  It is absolutely lovely, and I'm quite certain that I'll be reaching for it frequently.

Meanwhile, Innocent Flush is a neutral coral color that I picked up mostly because it is outside my comfort zone a bit, and I liked the idea of having a nice coral blush that I could wear during the summer.  While I will likely use it sparingly until my skin has darkened slightly, I can certainly see this blush competing for my attention, as well.

I absolutely love the formula of this blush, because it is really very easy to blend out, and even just getting the color on your cheeks couldn't be easier.  These blushes do have a slight shimmer to them, but it's not as bad as some blushes I've used in the past.  While I do prefer to keep my face pretty sparkle-free, and let my eyes be the shimmer point, the glitter in this blush doesn't bother me in the slightest.

As far as the packaging goes, The top tier, which contains the blush, is quite pretty, with the silver casing, but once you get to the second tier, it could be better.  The second tier is where they have a small mirror and brush, and while I love the fact that there's a mirror, the brush seems a little cheap and flimsy, though the bristles are super soft.  The casing inside the second tier isn't very pretty, either, which is probably the thing that really gets to me, but overall I think this is a wonderful product, and I would definitely recommend it!

What's your favorite go-to blush?

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