Wednesday, May 2, 2012

DIY Glass Makeup Brush Holder

Take a look at the picture of my new makeup brush holder, and take a guess as to how much it cost.  NOTHING!  The candle it was made from, however, was about $10, as part of a buy 1, get 1 free deal from Bath & Body Works.  The pebbles I put in the container to hold my brushes in place were from the floral aisle of Walmart, and I bought those when I wrote my first makeup brush holder post, a knitting pattern that you can find here: Makeup Brush Holder.

It is such a simple craft, and looks so nice and elegant once it's complete.  All you have to do is use up a candle (mine was the Hot Buttered Rum from Slatkin & Co. - so pretty, but my favorite is Spiced Apple Toddy!), and stick the remaining jar and wax in the freezer for a while, so that the wax shrinks a little bit.

Then, use a knife, and jam it into the little cracks that are created in the wax from freezing.  This makes it much easier to get the wax out of the container, as it breaks it up into fairly substantial chunks that can just be thrown in the garbage can.  Then, make sure to take off the bottom sticker.  It is not water-friendly like the plastic one on the side, and will glue itself to the jar, making it nearly impossible to get off without Goo-Gone.

Now, just use hot water and soap to clean out any residual wax, and pull the wicks off from the bottom of the jar.  As simple as that sounds, it actually takes quite a bit of work to get all the glue off of that thing!  However, peeling the little plastic sticker off the front is very simple, and then you can just fill it with sand, rice, pebbles, etc. to hold your brushes up straight, and keep them from falling over onto each other!

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