Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jergens Natural Glow Express

As I was getting ready for summer, I kept going back and forth on whether I wanted to try and be tan or not.  I have very pale skin naturally, and it tends to like to stay that way.  I can be out in the sun for an hour or all day, and if I don't have protection on, I will burn.  But, unlike a lot of people I've come in contact with, this burn does not become a tan.  It instead goes back to its original color.  So, my only option is to use tanning lotion continuously during the summer, if I want to maintain any kind of tan.

Then, it was the night before my brother's high school graduation, and I finally made up my mind that I wanted to have some kind of a tan.  Well, it was obviously too late to use any kind of gradual tanner (my favorite is the original Jergens Natural Glow), but I had picked up the Jergens Natural Glow Express earlier that day to try out.  I put it on that night, and in the morning, there was such a big difference!  I had a nice, natural looking tan for my brother's graduation party and the ceremony, without spending days and weeks working on it!

Another thing I like about this particular self-tanner is that it only takes 3 days to reach its optimum color, though the difference is pretty dramatic.  All I have to do now is use the original Jergens Natural Glow to keep my tan nice and even!

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