Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bird's Nest Pendant

Well, I've done a bird's nest ring tutorial and a twig companion ring tutorial, so I thought I'd add to the little collection, and bring you a little bird's nest pendant, as well!  It uses a lot of the same techniques as the bird's nest ring, and could possibly be even easier to make than the ring!

All you'll need is some 22 guage wire, a 6mm round faceted bead, a wire cutter, and a roundnose pliers!

This necklace was made with a little Swarovski crystal bead from Ultimate Crystals, Craft Designer Copper Wire, and the chain was from Jewelry Basics.


  • Slip the bead onto a length of wire (about the length from your elbow to your fingertips
  • Take one end of the wire, and begin wrapping it around the bead in a spiral motion, forming the nest.
  • With the other end, continue wrapping around the bead, giving more dimension to the nest, but wrap in the opposite direction.  
  • To form a jump ring use a small piece of wire, and wrap it around the wide end of a roundnose pliers twice.  You could use a ready-made jump ring, but to ensure the colors match, I recommend making one.
  • To finish the jump ring, cut the ends, and use your pliers to smooth the ends down.
  • Finally, on a loose strand of the nest, attach the jump ring you made in the same manner you would if you were attaching a key ring.  You may have to loosen the nest a bit for this step.
  • Just slip the charm onto a length of chain, and your bird's nest necklace is complete!
What in nature inspires you?

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