Monday, December 3, 2012

Monday Mani: Winter Princess ♥

This is actually a manicure that I've been rocking all week, and I absolutely love it!

The colors I used are from the A Brush With Fate collection which is part of the Disney Cinderella nail collection currently at Sephora. Basically, it is a collection of fabulous glitter top coats that are not only really pretty, but easy to remove when you decide you're ready for a new color! They last for quite a while, too. The picture above was taken after wearing it already for about four days!

So, which colors did I use specifically? As a base coat, I used So Totally Enchanted, which is a pretty silvery-blue with teeny tiny specks of gold glitter scattered throughout, and then I topped it with  Rags to Rhinestones, which is described as a glittery bronze, though I think it looks more silver than bronze - maybe it's just me.

I really love the way the light catches this manicure - it can look like a sparkly white snowball, a pretty glittery silver polish, or it can even give off more gold tones, which makes it really fun to look at!

Have you tried this collection?  Will you?


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