Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mani: Festive Gold ♥

I love gold polish during the winter months, and really just whenever I feel like it.

Gold nail polish for me is a pretty standard manicure.  But, during the holiday season, I like to dress my manicures up with a little glitter.  So, I was really excited when I realized I could combine two polishes from my A Brush with Fate nail polish set from Disney's Cinderella by Sephora collection to create a pretty gold nail!

Because I wanted this to be a lighter, yet more opaque color, I started with Essie's Blanc, then added a couple coats of Self-Maid Millionaire from the Cinderella collection for the basic gold - I love the name of that color!  I think it is probably the most creative name in the whole collection.

Finally, I finished off with Rags to Rhinestones, just like I did in my last Mani Monday post, Winter Princess.  This is a really cool color, because it changes color depending on the light, and what colors you have with it.  So, while in the Winter Princess manicure, it gave off more of a silvery color, with Self-Maid Millionaire, it gives off more of a gold or coppery sheen.


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