Thursday, December 13, 2012

Men's Stocking Stuffer Ideas ♥

I don't know about you, but I think shopping for men is a lot harder than shopping for the lovely ladies in your life.  In fact, I've been dreading getting a present for Cornelius so much, that I only recently figured out what I wanted to get him as a legitimate present.

This got me to thinking that a stocking stuffer post on what to get the man in your life might actually be really helpful.  So, here's what I came up with:

  1. Jerky - whether it's beef or venison, if it smells bad and is meat, there's a good chance that the men in my family will like it.
  2. A Movie - but not one of those chick flicks or cheesy holiday films.  This is a boy we're talking about here, so let's think more along the lines of The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, or something of the like.
  3. A Book - for my guy, I would think along the lines of James Patterson novels.  Something a little faster with more of an action plot, but this could certainly be tailored to anyone.
  4. Some kind of Toy - I know, these suggestions see to just keep getting broader and broader.  But by toy, I mean something that they can play with, like a videogame, a yo-yo, some legos, etc.  Something not necessarily useful, but still entertaining.
  5. A Water Gun - I know this still qualifies as a toy, but this is a toy that I've found is enjoyed by almost every single male being I've met.  There's just something about boys and guns.  Just make sure you're okay with getting wet if you choose this option!
  6. Headphones - Who doesn't like getting a new pair or ear buds or legitimate headphones for their computers, iPods, or phones?  My brother especially likes getting these, and I imagine there are a lot of other guys that would enjoy it, too!
  7. Energy Drink or Coffee - Maybe it's just the men that I've hung out with, but these two beverages seem to be very popular among their crowd.  Plus, if you get the coffee, you could share a little bit, too!
  8. Boxers or PJ Bottoms - Just something that they can lounge around in.  You can be creative with the patterns, too, whether you're looking for Superman, Mario, or even go festive with something a little more Christmas themed!

Are you shopping for any men's stocking stuffers?  What are you picking up?


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