Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mason Jar Bag Dispenser!

We have a ton of plastic bags stored beneath our sink - which is alright, since we reuse them for different things - but it started to bother both Cornelius and I that there really was no order to them.  So, I browsed the internet for some ideas, and came across the idea of using an old wipes dispenser for them.  This was all well and good, but we didn't have a wipes dispenser.  We did, however, have mason jars.

So, I decided that I would modify the original design so that this bag dispenser could be used in a smaller container, and I've done it!  And all you need are a bunch of plastic bags and a mason jar!

First, lay one bag down completely flat, and fold it in half twice.  This will make the entire roll smaller so you can fit it into a mason jar.

Do the same thing with another bag, and then wrap the handles from the second bag around the first.  Then, fold the handles of the first bag upwards, so that a little will stick up when we start rolling them up!

Now is where we start rolling.  Carefully roll from the first bag to the second, leaving enough room so that you can attach a third bag to the second bag.  Continue doing this until your roll is big enough to fit snugly in your mason jar!

All that's left is to stuff this roll into your mason jar, and store it away!

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