Monday, July 9, 2012

SDA: Soda Drinkers Anonymous!

Hello, my name is Annabel, and I am a recovering soda addict.  Up until a couple days ago, I would begin craving sodas while I was at work (mostly Dr. Pepper and Coca Cola), and had to have at least one full bottle a day. I realized I had a problem, and needed to quit.  This habit was hurting me by staining my teeth, drying out my skin, making me tired and sluggish all the time, and I did not feel at all healthy.

But, now that I am in recovery, I am feeling so much better, and have a lot more energy than I used to.  My head feels clearer, my body feels healthier, and even the after-effects of quitting soda has gone away!  Yes, I did get a couple headaches at first, but it's completely worth it already!

I haven't touched a soda for five days, and I'm sure that number will continue to grow!  The only problem I've seen with my new lifestyle is that I will have to stop drinking my two favorite alcoholic beverages: Long Island Iced Teas and Rum and Cokes.  So, I'm sure you can look forward to some soda-free cocktail recipes from me sometime in the future, as I try to find a new favorite!

If you have a soda drinking problem, take action now by telling your story below!

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  1. I am totally a soda addict. Dr. Pepper all the way!

  2. My name is Willow and I am addicted to Coca Cola.