Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Archer Farms Freeze Dried Peas!

Hello, starlets!  I'm sorry I haven't posted since last Wednesday!  Every once in a while, I just don't feel like posting, and I'm certainly not going to force myself.  That would only create a grumpy Annabel and horrid posts for you lovelies!

Anyway, today I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite new snacks: Archer Farms freeze dried green peas!  If you didn't already know, I had an addiction to soda, which I talked about in my Soda Drinkers Anonymous post, but what you probably didn't know was that I also had an addiction to potato chips - especially salt and vinegar.  When I decided to kick the soda habit, I figured the chips should also go.

I needed to find a new go-to snack item, that felt like eating chips, but was a lot healthier for me.  So, when I saw these freeze-dried veggies one of the more recent times I was at Target, I decided to pick a few up.  I've now tried what I think is all the vegetables available: green peas, sweet corn, and salted edamame.  My favorite is by far the peas.  I am so addicted to them!  Even just having them next to me makes me crave them, and I haven't even had breakfast, yet!

The other thing that I absolutely love about this snack is that I don't feel like I want a whole lot at a time.  With chips and other salty snacks, I could eat the whole bag if I wanted to.  But I can keep these peas going a full week or two, and there are only 2.5 servings per container!  I just don't feel like I need as many to be satisfied.  So, I would love to know...

What is your favorite go-to healthy snack?

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