Monday, April 30, 2012

Top Knot with a Sock Donut

On Friday, I gave you the pattern to knit a sock donut for a brunette (If you haven't seen it, check it out here: Brunette Sock Donut), and while I fully intend to give you patterns for blonde and raven hair, I thought I'd quick explain how you use one of these sock donuts, just in case you are unfamiliar with the concept.  As you can see, I have my hair in a top knot in the picture to the left.  While my hair is fairly thick, it is not quite as thick as you are led to believe by the size of the bun.

Instead, I'm using a little trick called the sock bun.  Basically, it is a little donut-shaped item that you can roll your hair, that it typically made from a sock.  In order to get a top know, like the one I'm wearing, just gather your hair into a high ponytail, and secure with an elastic. Then, use the sock donut almost like a scrunchie, and just slide it onto the ponytail.

This is where it gets a little tricky.  Slide the donut back towards the end of your hair, and then start twisting your hair gently around the donut.  Once the hair is around the donut, all you have to do is spin the whole thing (hair and donut), down towards the elastic.  It will create a bun shape as you twist, and all you have to do is continue spinning it, and playing with the hair so that it covers the entire donut.  And that's all there is to making the top knot!

How do you like to wear your hair?

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