Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Date Ideas ♥

This is such a romantic time of year, I even wrote a poem for this post in honor of it!

The weather's cold,
the lakes are ice,
snuggle up with your honey,
with dates so nice.
-Annabel Pierce
Unfortunately, if you're busy like Cornelius and I usually are, it can be easy to forget to cherish this time of year by going on simple, little dates!  So, I thought I'd come up with a couple date ideas not only for us, but also for you guys!
  1. Decorate a Christmas tree: We still haven't even gotten a tree, but I hope we will soon, so that we can decorate it together.  Hopefully Cricket won't try climbing up it!  Maybe we'll have to stick with non-breakable ornaments this year...
  2. Go Skiing: I used to love going cross-country skiing in the winters (for those of you wondering, skate-skiing all the way), and Cornelius used to go downhill skiing from what I understand, but we haven't really tried going together.  I think it will have to happen, though.
  3. Look at the Lights: I know gas prices are really high nowadays, but even when I'm just driving home from work, I love gawking at all the beautiful Christmas lights.  You can make it a date by bringing along some hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music!
  4. Watch a Christmas Movie: Some of my favorites are Love Actually, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, White Christmas, and Christmas with the Kranks.  If you're more into the scary movie genre, though, Gremlins is also kind of a Christmas movie!
  5. Build a Snowman: What is more Christmas-y than a snowman?  It's such a nice activity for more than one person, and you have a nice lawn decoration for the season afterward!
What are your favorite winter dates?


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