Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Quilted Manicure!

I love cozy nail polish, or really anything that looks soothing on my nails, especially since when I'm stressed, I rub my fingernails to calm me down.  It's just such a nice, smooth surface, it actually helps!  So, when I saw this pillow top manicure, I had to share it!

I've found two ways of achieving this manicure, and thought I'd tell you both.  First, you can paint a base coat, and then once that has dried, apply small strips of tape in a criss-cross pattern all over your nails.  Then, Add a second coat, and before the polish has dried completely, take these pieces of tape off, so that you get crisp, but rounded edges!

You could also apply two coats, and while the second one is drying (but not too wet!)  apply pressure to the nail with a thin, flat object like the side of a ruler or a toothpick.  This will also create these soft edges that are so comforting with pillow tops!

What do you think of this manicure?  Would you wear it?


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