Monday, July 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Creme!

I've never really been a big fan of hand cremes, but now that I'm on my own, doing my own dishes, laundry, and all that other nonsense one has to do that dries your hands out, I can certainly see why it can be a necessity!  I received a sample of this Sally Hansen Nails & Cuticles Hand Cream a while back, and I've been using it whenever my hands feel a bit dry, or if I just feel like pampering myself a little for the past week.  At first, I wasn't sure if it was making much of a difference for my cuticles, but I didn't mind much.  It has an amazing, fruity scent that is perfect for these hot, summer months, and it still acted as a moisturizer to my hands.

Then, as I was getting ready for work this morning, I looked down at my hands, and I must tell you, my cuticles looked perfect!  I haven't been doing much to them, other than putting the hand creme on, so I'm thinking my initial reaction of how it didn't work was perhaps a bit flawed.  It may take a little while to work its magic, but it still makes a difference.  I absolutely love this hand creme, and would definitely recommend trying it out!

What is your go-to hand creme?  I would love to try other brands out!

*I did receive this particular item for free, but all opinions are my own.
*Image is from here.


  1. I'm currently using a Crab Tree and Evelyn lavender hand cream that I got as a gift ages ago and seems to never run out of product! I find their stuff a bit expensive. I have a bodyshop handcream in almond that is just waiting to be used that I got on sale for $10.

  2. I wish we could get all Sally Hansen products in the UK. We can get some but I have never seen this before. I would love to try this!!